We at Chabua are the Royal tea farmers a syndicate of young tea loving folks. We have just discovered the rich gold fortune that we have in our backyard since generations. The quality and taste of our tea being extra ordinary , hence we have decided to share it with the world the unique taste of it.

We came up with the concept of Chabua Lounge which will show the world the wonderful, enigmatic and ancient culture of Assam and serve the best brewed tea which has been hand-plucked from the tea-gardens in Chabua, Assam.

India being the land of Tea , each state has its own way of making tea and so does Assam. Assam being the first state of India to have started tea farming. So we thought of bringing the taste of Assam to you at your door step.

We are proud of ourselves in having the knowledge of our tea and the art of making it, we would be glad to share with you this unique and ancient art of making tea and cherishing its pleasure.

We thought of a semi-formal ambience in which people can have tea and gossip , which happens over tea !! People can saunter in at anytime for their dose of tea and enjoy the ambience which speaks of Assam culture.

These poor labours were un aware of the farm and the plantation they were made to work for, but these labours were also Surprised on the Britishers crazy behaviour for giving such importance to this wild plant, When these awestruck labours were asked they said “they were working for the plantation of sowing the wild plant “ which they called “CHA” –“TEA” and “BUA”---“SOW”. Hence the place got its name “CHABUA”.

Chabua Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. Is coming up with a new concept of packaging its quality tea in various new ways along with a guide book of how to make different teas and obtain the best taste of tea by our privileged customers. The packaging and the tea bags are different from the ones which are available in the market today and they all have become type cast and have no difference from the other.

So we the Chabua Tea Company stand a class apart and want to serve our customers with best and quality services , which will be our targeted achievement.

Proud To be Royal Tea Farmers of Assam.