We offer a once in a life time opportunity to each and every Tea lover all over the world to get an experience of drinking Chabua tea . This experience has to be fulfilled at least once in their life-time and to take them on a journey which is filled with exquisite rich cultural heritage of Assam.

At home for the tea lovers in India , a wide spread of brews at their disposal to experience and enlighten their taste buds with. To know the “ROYAL HISTORY” of the Chabua tea –Gardens and enjoy their heritage at a LOUNGE near you

To make Chabua synonymous with tea world wide and give the people an ambience filled with rich Assam culture at their local LOUNGE. The people should be able to taste the ROYALITY of the Chabua tea-Gardens in their own comfort zone.

In short we intend to package the taste , the culture and the essence of the Chabua Tea-Gardens at your door step and give every individual the opportunity to relish and cherish this once in a life time experience to be remembered as it has been creating everlasting memories in THE WORLD OF TEA . . .Then we can conclude to have our MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.