Chabua literally means “ Cha – boa “ which translates in English as “ Tea – sow “.

We want to give the tea lovers an experience of the finest teas from our very own tea-gardens in Assam , Chabua. As Indians the only hot beverage that we all are familiar with across the nation is tea. Tea / Cha / Chai / Chaah these are the various names tea is known or called in our country. We at Chabua want you to indulge in some Royal Tea experience and surprise yourself with the varied kinds of Tea that are available at your disposable and to engage your senses.

Chabua . . .The origin of the tea. Once a wild plant for the tribes of Chabua which was later discovered by the Britishers to be one of the finest quality of tea. Chabua tea went on to capture the world starting from Boston, England and then round the globe. Today The Royal Tea Gardens of Chabua stand tall in the world market of Tea. Known for its quality, essence and taste which lingers in the mind and tickles ones taste buds even getting a thought of it.

This tea has a lasting effect once one has had the taste of it. It has become an essential part of ones daily life routine. One or many don’t need a reason to have tea, an important conference or a simple chat can be concluded over a tea. One can relish it when he is alone or a group friends get together. Therefore we Indians say that “there has to be no reason to have tea, so we don’t need one ”.