We are offering franchisee all across the country to be our business partner.

We are having a rare and unique concept to explore. The concept of Chabua Lounge which will show the world the wonderful, enigmatic and ancient culture of Assam and serve the best brewed tea which has been hand-plucked from the tea-gardens in Chabua, Assam.

We are having this concept in three segments.

1) 500 sq ft. (+) Plus (Start-up Centre))
2) 950 sq ft. (+) Plus (Mini Launch)
3) 1500 sq ft. (+) Plus (Regular Launch)

To work with us mail your CV at chabuateacompany@gmail.com

Current opening available:

1) Sales (City/State/National)
2) Media Planning.
3) Promotional activities.
4) Company representative.
5) Retail setup.
6) Designers.
7) Tender Manager.
8) Government /Corporate Sales Manager.
9) Production Unit Manager.