To make every individual experience the beautiful legacy of Chabua by bringing them to the world of Chabua tea gardens with the means of rare and royal customized tea

Every person who has ever loved tea , will get to relish and experience the choicest of the brews , personally picked from the tea gardens of Chabua.

To bring the choicest of tea brews from Chabua to the people who savor their tea and treat them to the magical history of the first royal tea gardens of India.

To bring the rich folk culture of Assam in every part of the world map and giving the people a chance to be a part of the royal world of Chabua tea.

Tea has been and it is a very important beverage in the daily life routine of man kind around the Globe, be it from any part of it. Every individual has had a taste of tea in many different forms. Chabua being the mother of one brand of tea , coming out of a wild plant from the womb of Chabua. Today stands tall by making its mark as one of the world high quality tea. We have a vision to make a mark and Chabua Tea to be placed and recognized by its quality and name on the world map as it has the domination in tea market round the globe.